Our facilitation utilizes a unique combination of experience and philosophies.

Your success

We have dozens of satisfied organizations throughout Western Canada and the Yukon. The affinities team takes great pride in achieving impressive results – by being very flexible a company that focuses on your organization’s training goals and adapting every single one of its workshops to the client’s unique needs.

Please have a look through a sampling of the some of the workshops that our clients still rave about in terms of effectiveness and adaptibility.

Resiliency Training

Mastering stress - the nonstop pressures and demands of your work, family, and personal life - is one of the greatest challenges each of us must face, today and in the years ahead. But contrary to popular myth, stress itself is neither good nor bad; its simply an energy force. Day in and day out, it can enhance - or break down - your health and performanc. It all depends on how well you understand, and manage, its power and influence in your life.

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Youth Empowerment

Workshops designed to inspire, educate, and empower a generation by hitting the tough stuff head on.

Focus on self-awareness, transition, career, entrepreneurship, and cultural balance are just a few of the topics available for our customized Youth Initiatives

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Cultural/Industry Training Partnerships

Workshops provide a competitive edge for a successful partnership between industry and Aboriginal communities - providing solutions. Create work environments that celebrate the diversity of all cultures  - increasing awareness that canadian first nations employees are a unique culture to be celebrated ..first step in this journey is 'seeking first to understand, then create a win-win agreement' that allows the employee and the business to both win.

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